Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sweet New Learning

Before you can code a new game, you need to learn how to code. The first step of the Sweet New Game project is to give people a basic understanding of coding and how to use it.

Our first task was to begin learning about databases and how they function. Next we worked on creating a simple web application. Once both of those were done we began to work on tying the two together. Now we are creating some applications with the knowledge gleaned from these experiences.

Punch, Jump, Duck is a game that works with random calculations and could eventually be turned into a combat engine.

One of our more business oriented projects relates to a moving company. We are currently working out the design of an applicaiton that will help track orders for a moving company. This project could evolve into a POS or CRM or any number of sweet acronyms!

Keep in touch this is an exciting ride that we hope will change our worlds!


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